Your Office Visit

Dr. Kolachalam, Preparing for your office visit 



There are a few things you will need before your appointment. To make your appointment the most effective use of your time, we have made available all of our in-office forms: health history forms, Disability, and HIPPA forms.

Fill these out in the comfort of your home and bring them to your appointment, along with your Driver’s License or picture I.D. and insurance cards and/or Workman Compensation information.


  • Please download, print and fill out these documents to bring to your appointment: NEW PATIENT FORMS Be sure to sign and date them.



  • If you are claiming Workman’s Compensation, please print, and fill out as much information as possible on this document:  Workman Compensation Information Sheet.  Remember to bring this to your appointment. This will help us get your claim billed properly.


  • If you have medical documents at other health care facilities (other than your Primary Care Physician), please fill this form out and email or fax it to our office before your appointment:  Medical Release Form.


  • Print, review, sign and date the Payment Policy  Remember to bring this with the other documents to your office visit.

When preparing for your procedure, visit the corresponding page under office visit to preview instructions for your specific procedure, and printable PDF’s if needed.


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