Colonoscopy Preperations

 Dr. Kolachalam, Colonoscopy Preperations


This is a surgical procedure. You will be sedated for the exam. Please download, print and review the full instructions. It is very important that you have followed all preparatory instructions. This is only a brief overview, call us for more information.


Brief summary of what you need to do before your procedure:


  • Please obtain the Half-Lytely Bowel Prep Kit from your pharmacy
    (use the script we have provided)
  • On Wednesday, begin with a clear liquid breakfast, and remain on a clear liquid diet ALL day. NO fluids that are red or purple, and NO DAIRY products. (See the PDF for complete instructions and examples)
  • In the morning, tear open one FLAVOR PACK  of choice and pour in into the Half-Lytely bottle. Add drinking water to the top line with a glass of water. Refrigerate the bottle to chill.
  • At 4:00 p.m., take the bisacodyl tablets found in the kit with a glass of water.  (DO NOT chew or crush the tablets—-swallow with water)
  • At 6:00 p.m., take the Half-Lytely bottle out of the refrigerator and start drinking an 8 oz. glass every 10 minutes. (a watery bowl movement should begin in approximately 1 hour, and will continue 1-2 hours after finishing the bottle.) ****Drink ALL the solution
  • NOTHING by mouth after midnight: Except your normal medications with only a sip of water.

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