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What is a Lumpectomy?


  • It is a procedure that preserves as much of your breast tissue as possible but removes the cancerous lump and some normal tissue around it.
  • It is used in conjunction with radiation and also called a “wide local excision”.
  • A lumpectomy is most often recommended for women with a small cancer that is localized to one area of the breast.


What is a Mastectomy?


  • Mastectomy is the surgical removal of the entire breast.
  • There are some variations of surgical depth required for various sizes and locations of cancerous tumors. These are Simple, Radical, & Modified Radical Mastectomy.
  • The choice of the procedure is based on the size of your cancer and whether or not the muscles are involved.
  • A simple mastectomy leaves axillary lymph nodes intact.
  • When shallow, meaning that the chest muscles are left intact, your chest wall contour and arm strength are not affected and recovery is shorter.
  • A radical mastectomy removes deep chest muscles.
  • A modified radical mastectomy removes the breast and axillary lymph nodes.

Most mastectomy patients can have breast reconstruction, either at the time of surgery or in the future. *We would love to answer any and all of your questions. Be sure to take notes so we can address your questions more specifically. Remember to BRING your notes to your appointment.

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